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GLOBAL IDEAS GROUP offers the experience of hundreds of companies that successfully entered the global business market, not only through export, but also applying other strategies or developing external supply chains for local operations that requiere machinery and supplies from all over the world.

To achieve this, we offer different alternatives:

• Potentiality analysis.
• Complete advice for International Trade.
• Target Market Analysis.
• Establishing needs (internal and external) for the correct internationalization of the company.
• Developing external supply chains, machinery, consumer goods, and more.

Market Development

As a company focused in developing foreign markets, GI GROUP's main objective is to take care of all our clients needs, and to create the best posible environment to achieve the internationalization process. We are leaders when it comes to developing markets or supply chains from the ground up:

• Selection, Research and Develop of Global Markets.
• Detection of potential clients / supply chains.
• Adapting your marketing strategy according to different markets (Product, Price, Distribution Channels and Communication).
• Potential buyers analysis, benchmarking.
• Pressence in Fairs, Expos, Comercial Missions and Business Rounds.
• Establishing goals.
• Risk Analysis.

Support Service

When expanding to the global trade market, technical support is necessary in term of certifications, customs, logistics, legal issues, brand registration and training, between many others. In the mayority of cases, the destiny of the operation depends on the success of this activities. That's why, GI GROUP offers it's clients:

• Certifications / national organisms procedures.
• Customs serivices, dispatchs.
• Logistics.
• Legal counseling.
• Brand registration.
• Trade audit.
• Human Resurces Training, focused in foreign trade.


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